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This rule is not just for Therpz, it applies to anywhere on the internet! NEVER give out your personal information such as your full name, city, address, phone number, password, etc. You never know if some random person is collecting the information you give out to stalk you.

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The Roleplaying Rules

I know we all hate these, but they have to be enforced to make sure everyone is happy while roleplaying. I'll make this quick, I promise.

For Action/Adventure Roleplays:

You cannot be like a god!
No one likes a person that won't get hurt or wounded.So
if their is a fighting scene you are in, you can dodge and block, but also get wounded too, just to make it fair. Also, you can't have god-like powers such as thunder and lighting and laser beams unless the roleplay calls for it.

Thou shalt not kill!
You cannot kill a character...
by awkwardlyAwesome - Comments: 0 - Views: 1209


What is roleplaying?

To roleplay means, basically, to play a role. In a roleplay, you and another person/people make up a story based on a theme where each of you is a character(s), and you sorta become your character(s). Roleplaying is what this entire forum is mainly about. We all get to make roleplays and be a part of them. Well, there's nothing else I can say except for this: I hope you like it here, and have fun roleplaying!
by 2Xemnas2 - Comments: 0 - Views: 841

I'm back!
Nothing else really happened, and I guess I could say the same to this site.
Although I am now completely obsessed with Little Shop of Horrors. You guys should watch it.
And then we can fangasm.
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 506

Hello again, THERPZ! I have forgotten my password for just a moment, and now I am back. I have seen nothing much have happened while I was gone except a red skin has been made. Glad to see the regulars are still here.

On another note, I've been getting on forums more, not just here. I've created another forum - Promotion Network - with an idea - an advertisement forum dependent on the amount of posts you have.

I have also been blogging outside of this site recently, thanks to my introduction to tumblr via a popular LPer/animator by the name of GoldenTotProductions. I've been...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 395

So, you know that guy I mentioned last post? Yeah, we're still connecting. We have been connecting for a few months now, going pretty well.

On other news, I've switched to Chrome. Or rather, beta-testing it. Firefox keeps on crashing for some odd reason.
by MisaTange - Comments: 6 - Views: 512

The real reason why I'm so inactive.
I met him online
One weekday night
He spoke about his problems
and I listened
He gave his Skype username
and I gave mine
We connected and chatted
and as we spoke
I felt a little spark
In the corner of my eye

Every night
I lay there, anxious
Waiting for him to connect
Waiting for him to talk to me
Spilling his problems onto me

But as I wait
I suddenly think
"Could it be?
Could it really really be?
I must be in love..."
by MisaTange - Comments: 1 - Views: 338

School has started for me like last week and I really don't want the Internet to slow me down. I also am in the basketball team (I suck btw) so that's more time and pressure (need like a 2.0 GPA to stay on sports) for me to concentrate on schoolwork.

So, don't be afraid if I'm a lot less active during the weeks.
by MisaTange - Comments: 1 - Views: 348

Finished with finals (actually finished it on the 22nd but didn't want to make a post about it). Woo.
by MisaTange - Comments: 4 - Views: 356

Site in question.

Note: I have been a member of this forum for about three years. On and off.

Zathyus Networks Resources is a resource board. This is where I usually find my themes/skins and I usually request the other needed graphics at the same site. And I go to this place just to do that. Why? Well, the Skin Zone/Theme Zone/whatever doesn’t feel the same community-wise.

Zathyus Networks Resources have underwent countless skin and theme changes in the past years....
by MisaTange - Comments: 3 - Views: 466

Brb for a few days, have summer school finals coming up.
by MisaTange - Comments: 2 - Views: 304

gamer network review dump
Ever wanted to headshot a wolf or steal bases as a wolf? In Wolf Team, you can. However, after a bit of playing, you realize that it's still a lot like your usual first-person-shooting game. You try to avoid headshots, yet there's a lot of the time when you have to stay in your spawn point. Wolves are far too overpowered with different powers, e.g. freezing, thunder, etc. which probably takes a lot of grinding to get. Guns, on the other hand, don't have any powers except shoot, shoot, shoot. Some wolves (especially the tank, the Guardian Wolf. 380 HP) has a lot of HP and it's just shooting. Wolves...
by MisaTange - Comments: 1 - Views: 366

The Roleplay Zone forum is about general roleplaying. No, there’s no plot centered on the forum like a bit of other roleplaying forums, not like there’s anything bad about that.

Now, to first impressions. When I first started on this forum, it started with a black and green techy-looking skin. Then a new theme arrived, its main color scheme being a strange blue color and very techy, but not in a way that its old skin had. It has been more than 6 months after the old skin has been applied. While this is good, it seems a little too early to change skins. I’ve said it once and I’ll say...
by MisaTange - Comments: 2 - Views: 507

I'm in summer school (it's not really bad, trust me) and I'm doing fine.

*cough* Onto the more brighter news... I review sites now. Here, in this forum, I will add in site reviews. Will probably be much longer than the animanga/video games reviews, but meh. Will 'star' a forum and advertise it everywhere every one month.

I've also made an archive for all of the reviews I've posted here in THERPZ. Here is the blog.
by MisaTange - Comments: 3 - Views: 334

last review dump
Cartoony graphics doesn't mean it's for kids! Meet Battlefield Heroes, a shooting game with cartoony graphics, though it's definitely not for children.

Shoot, shoot, shoot! It's still the regular old, regular old 'avoid headshots.' It has 3 classes, Soldier, Gunner, Commando. You also get to choose sides, but there isn't really a difference except it automatically chooses your team after you've chosen that side. Soldiers are all-rounders, Gunners are basically tanks and the Commando specializes in stabbing, but also can snipe. Gunners remind me of the Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 272

THERPZ has fueled up my ideas for roleplays and recently I'm thinking of starting a roleplay forum. I'm stuck between two ideas: an online game sort of thing or a hackers group. I decided to use the community to decide between the two great ideas since both have a potential to be detailed (details are much loved in a lot of roleplay forums. Of course, there are some exceptions). So, what idea should I use, community?

I'll leave this poll open for 1 day or if a choice (other than the third option) gets 5 votes.
by MisaTange - Comments: 6 - Views: 512

I told you I was going to review Minecraft!
Minecraft. A game where you mine, then craft.


This game is still on the beta testing stage but millions of players have played it. What makes Minecraft so... addicting? It has no story at all and you just mine and craft things. The main focus of it is building while surviving. So why is Minecraft played by millions of users?

The graphics are blocky. In comparison to high-graphics games like Devil May Cry 4 (or the majority of Xbox360 games), it blows. But really, what's a building game without blocks? If its blocky graphics was changed to the graphics...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 349

Yup, I'm back from the super-long trip in New York! We vacationed there for one week and a half and went to Niagara Falls (nice pictures, I'll upload them when I find out how to get picture files on my computer) and our nation's capital! I've also taken some nice pictures there.

I felt a little homesick at the last days, so I'm glad that I'm home.
by MisaTange - Comments: 4 - Views: 423

Early morning in tomorrow, I'll be going to New York for the week. Apparently I have some relatives out there.... yay more relatives I don't even know about.

Anyway, I'm pretty much prepared for trip (charging DS and iPod) except I need someone to look after a thread in Dragon Cave Forums. This one. You guys could team up and report every prize demand, questions, suggestions, dragon, new users, checked dragons, and pretty much everything when I return. Yes, it's a lot...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 341

...And I cry nostaglic tears.
Pros: -Historically accurate campaigns (If you get the full game)
-Easy + beginner friendly interface
-Addicting + tons of replay value
-Lots of other races + their own technology tree (If you get the full game)

Cons: -Graphics are less than average
-Gameplay feels very outdated, at least compared to newer RTSes
-Too little stuff to do in the demo
Summary: This was the reason why I love the Middle Ages. Age of Empires II was one of the few games, from my childhood, that managed to survive the test of time. Today, I download the demo and... I still love it....
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 321

Pros: 1. Interesting storyline that keeps you going.
2. Nice graphics with effects.
3. Excellent music combined with awesome sound.
4. Decent PvP mode.
5. Lots of things to do.
6. Easy to play.

Cons: 1. Loading times can be long.
2. Hard to find party members sometimes.
Summary: I'll have to say, I'm impressed! It has an interesting storyline, nice graphics with beautiful effects, and excellent music combined with awesome sound. It has a decent PvP mode with lots of things to do. It's also easy to play. No, you don't have to use your mouse quite as...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 288

Pros: 1. Really cute graphics.
2. Smooth gameplay.
3. Fair button mechanics.
4. Practice stage.
5. Cooperative mode. (FINALLY)
6. Unique 'Exo Core' system.

Cons: 1. Everyone pretty much wears the same thing.
2. Everyone has pretty much the same attacks, too.
3. Complete grind with absolutely no depth. When your level up, you only hit harder.
Summary: I have to say, I regretted getting addicted to this game. But, it has really cute graphics, which is either a con or a pro depending on your tastes. I like cute graphics, so it's a pro. On top of that,...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 393

Pros: 1. Cute graphics. Fitting for this game.
2. Lots of things going on, no matter what mode you play.
3. Worth spending the upgrades.
4. Heroes (or characters) have some pros and cons of their own, each and every one of them.
5. Practice stage.

Cons: 1. You cannot buy skills, at least from my point of view.
2. Some must-gets (e.g. Cyber Medic) need to have a certain requirement.
3. When you are upgrading in-game, you are free to get hit.
4. No set goal no matter what level you are.
Summary: I have to say, this is one of OGPlanet's best games...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 352

YAY. A game where none of you know about! This here is pretty much your typical fighting game, but let's go in-depth about that.

I seriously don't know what's the story on this on Arcade mode. The person who translated my download translated the basic gameplay stuffs, but not the storyline of it.

I've definitely seen the graphics before. The graphics are something... not special.

Again, the gameplay is nothing special either. It's rather typical for a fighting game... let's see, we've got punches, kicks, grabs, techniques... and counterattacks. While this seems...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 469

Yes, I know I misspelled 'summer' but w/e. I've finished my finals, so three-month-break! WOOOOOOOO~ That means more reviews, and that means I can finish Fullmetal Alchemist and review it before the three months end. There's also a Minecraft/Terraria (If I get enough progress on Terraria) review due soon, so watch my blog for the Minecraft review!
by MisaTange - Comments: 2 - Views: 302

Finals week is here at last! That means little/no computer time, which means no THERPZ. The only time I'll be online is for downloading my Memorable Anime list. (Check dA for more information) I'll be more active in the next week, I promise! (If I have a vacation right on next week, then... <_<)

Until next time!
by MisaTange - Comments: 3 - Views: 305

Cuteness with history. No, not Hetalia.
Alright, everyone! Let's gather for an important part of world history; the history of Afghanistan as we review Timaking's only known manga, Afuganisu-tan!

Again, as said before, this tells a bit of history about Afghanistan. The story is slow-paced and episodic, but does its job decently. However, Timaking feels that it is necessary to add text alongside the panels. I don't actually feel that this is a good way to tell the story.

Adorable, adorable with moe written all over it. It's average, though, but does its job well.

by MisaTange - Comments: 2 - Views: 383

Woo, a bit of insanity to start the reviews!
Welcome to the cruel game of survival. If you hold a Future Diary, you're a possible target for the game to get the rank of God. And everyone else has some type of Future Diary too.

This is the plot where Mirai Nikki revolves in. But the manga explains how the game is started. How? Yukiteru, the main character, is pretty much an outcast. Left without friends, Yukiteru begins to create imaginary friends like Deus Ex Machina, the 'Lord of Time and Space.' However, creating this 'Lord' comes with a price; creating 11 Future Diary holders.

This is definitely something unique....
by MisaTange - Comments: 1 - Views: 632

...And Xemnas screams with joy.
No, Xemnas didn't really request it. I did get into it, thanks to him, though. Though on the topic on requests, yes, I am now accepting anime and manga requests. Now, back to the review.

The current story as of two months ago was... you're from *insert region here* in China, back in time. War is raging on, and it has reached a stalemate. (aka, there's no clear winner) I say this isn't an original story at all, but it certainly explains why your character is fighting, representing your region. That's good... and bad at the same time.

The graphics are excellent....
by MisaTange - Comments: 13 - Views: 574

Fourth request by Xaria!
I've gotten to level 8 and I've just reached Falconreach (basically, the main town), but I think I've gotten a good taste of it.

Now, the story. It's about a certain hero, born. That hero gets 'called' to save the Priestess and goes on quests to save her. Typical, overused story. But then again, Dragonfable isn't all that. It seems to parody the overused fantasy story with its puns, and of course, its atmosphere is always playful. "HERPADERPPUNS." In a good way, of course. Without its puns, Dragonfable (and most likely all of the other games the creators developed) would not be the same.
by MisaTange - Comments: 2 - Views: 402

...Whenever I finish an anime or manga, I'm probably going to post a mini-review. That's right! Video games with anime and manga piled on top of it!

I'm fairly up to date for most spring anime but I'm not reading any spring manga, will probably read the summer manga. Here is a set of comments for each spring anime + one manga I'm currently reading.

30-sai: (6 episodes) Pretty fun, I'd say. Censoring bothers me.
A-Channel: ...If you've seen any 'cute' slice of life anime, you've seen this. Fun.
AnoHana: Holy shat, its full title is Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi...
by MisaTange - Comments: 3 - Views: 447

Still alive!
Sorry for not updating for two weeks; I'm still alive! I'll write up a few quick paragraphs about my current favorite game, Dragon Cave.

First of all, its strange addictiveness wins the hearts of ten thousands of users. Simply just getting four eggs and raising them happens to be addicting, of course, or maybe concentrating on your goals and getting that particular species is quite addicting. Either way, pretty awesome.

The fact that the administrator actually interacts with the users made me proud. I'm not even talking about bans, suspensions. No, nowhere near that. We're...
by MisaTange - Comments: 0 - Views: 612

Third request by Shadow Kitten!
Something similar to Joogle Brothers, Makkine's untitled game she made about a year ago then forgotten about it. Well, anyway... this was a strange game. Not in its gameplay or anything like that, but its humor...

First off, the graphics aren't really good. Honestly, I think the graphics are the game's weakest point.

Then, the storyline. You were once a human, but you were changed to something else and you have to fulfill a prophecy. Get to the end of it to find out what the prophecy is. I've definitely seen/heard of this before. Nothing really special here, honestly.
by MisaTange - Comments: 1 - Views: 364

Second request from Rattie!
This is a definite classic. I played this when I was younger, but got bored of it because I didn't like waiting for things to be accomplished. Years later, I still don't like that, but it's still a classic.

The story is basically this: A couple of villagers pretty much know every nook and cranny of their island except for a little cave. They went in there, however, they fell and landed in the island the game is in, called Isola. A couple of children are in there and the majority of them cannot work, except for one. The villagers decide to help them survive and perhaps make the island...
by MisaTange - Comments: 3 - Views: 417

The epic event of epicness have finally ended. 6 weeks of practice, 4 rehearsals (5 if you include our party), and 4 epic performances.

So, what plot have we done? Well, I'll tell you everything. First off, we open with Grandma as the storyteller. Pam and Jim, the two grandkids, are like teenagers, they don't want to hear the story, but reluctantly listens. (It opens up with a storm, anyway) Then comes 3 toys, 4 if you think the twins are separate characters. (I think so, their names are Jo, Terry, Phil and Lil) They have been thrown away, Jo deciding to go to the Toymaker to get fixed....
by MisaTange - Comments: 1 - Views: 323

First request by Shadow Kitten!
Yes! My first request! Unfortunately, it’s something I’m not very good at… puzzle games. I prefer fighting games or shooting games, but it’s fine, especially since it’s from a Let’s Player/translator that I love, vgperson.

Now, Joogle Brothers is about two teardrop-shaped brothers, now destined to grab the four keys. Two of the four Keys are the Fire Key, used as an offense against enemies, and the Air Key, used to get places that Pilid (one of the brothers) couldn’t normally go. Finally, important artifacts are useful in a game! Yes, all of the keys do something good in the game.
by MisaTange - Comments: 8 - Views: 580

Remember the blog post about the school event I've put up about four weeks ago? Yeah... the real performance is coming up on Friday. I'm really nervous and excited at the same time since it's my first year in the play. I already have some nervousness experience (Thank piano, school plays in elementary, and my drama class 'forcing' to speak in front of the class) but man, I'm still nervous. I honestly didn't know what to do exactly until the third rehearsal. The captains doesn't work with the characters that sorta are just there until the real rehearsals and start plugging us drama girls with the...
by MisaTange - Comments: 2 - Views: 332

...This isn't called the Gamers Blog for nothing.
...I didn't name this a Gamers Blog for nothing. So, game reviews, away!

So, Zone 4 is the newest addition to OGPlanet's fighting game library, going along with two decent games called Lost Saga and Rumble Fighter. This is, without a doubt, my favorite of the fighting games. Why? I'm going to tell you right now.

First off, the graphics look really really nice. Lost Saga's cartoony graphics and Rumble Fighter's really kiddy graphics has no chance with Zone 4's really... 'lifelike' graphics.

Then, the gameplay itself. It has several types of game modes, an arcade...
by MisaTange - Comments: 8 - Views: 651

Good evening everybody! It's 6:22 PM currently and I have 4 tests tomorrow. I blame due to the fact progress reports are due this week... pale Anyway, I have a long-term event, lasting 6 weeks. (30 days to practice methinks) It's basically a Thespian Color Wars; each person is put in one of two teams and one in six (or more or less) categories to make a play about a theme, decided yearly. It's already been two weeks since the kickoff and I've been doing fine so far. I don't want to tell you more due to the fact that...
by MisaTange - Comments: 1 - Views: 405

... lolwut

Yes, that is how I greet people. /sarcasm

Well, hello and welcome to my new blog. As the name suggests, I play video games and online games, well recently not so much. Though I've been playing a lot of Dragon Cave, as you can see from my signature. Got two cheeses, a blue dino and a thunder this week and I've been seeing a lot of leetle trees lately.

But I recently redownloaded VisualBoyAdvance! It's this emulator that lets you play games, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games...
by MisaTange - Comments: 10 - Views: 425
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