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 5-11-11 - MisaTange, now with anime and manga!

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Post5-11-11 - MisaTange, now with anime and manga!

...Whenever I finish an anime or manga, I'm probably going to post a mini-review. That's right! Video games with anime and manga piled on top of it!

I'm fairly up to date for most spring anime but I'm not reading any spring manga, will probably read the summer manga. Here is a set of comments for each spring anime + one manga I'm currently reading.

30-sai: (6 episodes) Pretty fun, I'd say. Censoring bothers me.
A-Channel: ...If you've seen any 'cute' slice of life anime, you've seen this. Fun.
AnoHana: Holy shat, its full title is Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. But it's understandable, English is We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day, very fitting. Tearjerker alert is still on at 4 episodes; most likely the most drama-like anime of the season.
Ao no Exorcist: (1 episode) I've seen one episode, but so far it's the vibe of... if you've seen any shounen, you've seen Ao no Exorcist.
Astarotte no Omocha!: (5 episodes) Seen something like this before.
C: (4 episodes) Potentially the best anime of the season.
Deadman Wonderland: (4 episodes) I honestly can't think which is better, C or Deadman Wonderland? Aka, good anime with gore and blood, but it's not pointless.
Denpa: (4 episodes) Again, I have a feeling I've seen this before. Maybe Natsu no Arashi or something?
Dog Days: (6 episodes) First anime I've watched in the season. Good, even though the whole battles thing is stupid.
Dororon: (5 episodes) Kiddy, but amusing. Yes, I do know it airs late in Japan.
Fireball Charming: (4 episodes) Amusing.
Hanasaku Iroha: (6 episodes) Harsh reality anime of the season. Pretty great.
Hidan no Aria: (4 episodes) Think Toradora. (Tsundere girl whose sort of the superior one to a boy) Now add guns. You have Hidan no Aria.
Hyouge Mono: (3 episodes) ...I have an odd feeling I'm not really up to date in this anime, but whatever. Typical Warring States anime. Still makes me wonder why they don't make more anime about the Tokugawa/foreign trade period.
Nichijou: (6 episodes) Amusing, comparable to A-Channel for cuteness, but add a hunk of more randomness.
Oretachi: (5 episodes) Stupid harems. WITH FANTASY? OMGOMGOFDIKMODISJGNIS- NO.
Sengoku Otome: (6 episodes) ...There still isn't many Tokugawa anime... ;_; Poor Tokugawa period, left alone with so few anime. *coughcough* Anyway... decent. ;D
Sket Dance: (5 episodes) Group of people who help other people with a good female fighter... what does that sound? Ookami-san, of course. Still, amusing.
Softenni: (4 episodes) Typical moe show. But with tennis.
Tiger and Bunny: (6 episodes) Yay for Japan for making a superhero anime. (No, I don't count those Marvel adaptations) I don't like it, though. Maybe because I wasn't exactly born with superheroes?
Yondemasu yo: (5 episodes) Crude-humored anime, yay!

Mirai Nikki: (...1 chapter) Yuno is lul. Go yanderes!
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5-11-11 - MisaTange, now with anime and manga! :: Comments

Re: 5-11-11 - MisaTange, now with anime and manga!
Post on Thu May 12, 2011 5:41 pm by Makkine
What's C and Sengoku Otome about?
Re: 5-11-11 - MisaTange, now with anime and manga!
Post on Thu May 12, 2011 7:21 pm by MisaTange
Makkine wrote:
What's C and Sengoku Otome about?

C is about a person around high school age that's been having a lot of trouble with money recently. Masakaki, who 'invites' people to where people can get a lot of money with battles with monsters (Think Yugioh, where they battle monsters with cards. You can only have one monster, though. Monsters are called assets), given if you win the battles, which are called Deals. That world where you can get a lot of money from winning is called the Financial District. The high school dude accepts that invitation, and the story goes on from there...
Sengoku Otome is about some childish person, again around high school age, named Hideyoshi. She is worried about a test tomorrow and goes to a shrine to pray, to pass that test. She sees a person, is shocked, and in that shock, goes to the Warring States period. She meets Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, helping Nobunaga conquer Japan.

And the history books didn't say Nobunaga became the emperor of Japan.
Re: 5-11-11 - MisaTange, now with anime and manga!
Post on Thu May 12, 2011 8:08 pm by Makkine
Ah, all right, thanks.

5-11-11 - MisaTange, now with anime and manga!

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