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 Review 15 - Battlefield Heroes

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PostReview 15 - Battlefield Heroes

Cartoony graphics doesn't mean it's for kids! Meet Battlefield Heroes, a shooting game with cartoony graphics, though it's definitely not for children.

Shoot, shoot, shoot! It's still the regular old, regular old 'avoid headshots.' It has 3 classes, Soldier, Gunner, Commando. You also get to choose sides, but there isn't really a difference except it automatically chooses your team after you've chosen that side. Soldiers are all-rounders, Gunners are basically tanks and the Commando specializes in stabbing, but also can snipe. Gunners remind me of the Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2) and the Commando reminds me of the Spy/Sniper (Team Fortress 2).

The graphics are kiddy, but there are quite a few vehicles for you to use. There's the car, moreoften used for transportation than for attacking, though there's two other spots for people. There is the tank, deadly, but slow, but you can hop on for a quick shooting. There's the airplane, shooting people from the skies. There's two other spots for those looking for a nice view or even more shooting. There's the turret, immobile but powerful. This is a nice array of weapons, however, it is easily dealt with the tank. And you can only defeat a tank with a tank, or if the user of the tank is stupid enough to jump into dynamite/grenades, you can do that, but not
all people are stupid, so the only weapon is tank vs. tank.

You may, at first, hate the kiddy graphics, but you might get used to it. However, there isn't much of a choice for equipment. For permanent stuff for the actually buyable ones with no real life money, you have to buy with real life money. Don't download this game if you are looking for fashion in your shooting. You have to buy to get the permanent stuff, if you want permanent grenades in your inventory all the time, or be rich and keep on buying everytime it expires. But even the experts need a break from gaming and when they come back, they'll see a lot of their equipment have expired.

Never seen vehicles in shooting games, much less a kiddy game. Good game. Don't expect a wide variety of items to buy, especially if you're not looking to buy items.

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Review 15 - Battlefield Heroes :: Comments

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Review 15 - Battlefield Heroes

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