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The Forum Rules (Please Read)

Personal Information
This rule is not just for Therpz, it applies to anywhere on the internet! NEVER give out your personal information such as your full name, city, address, phone number, password, etc. You never know if some random person is collecting the information you give out to stalk you.

Multiple Accounts
You can only have one account on Therpz. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be banned forever, regardless of the reason why you made another account.

Spamming and Double Posting
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Kanon: Story of My Life Empty YOU MUST READ THIS:

The Roleplaying Rules

I know we all hate these, but they have to be enforced to make sure everyone is happy while roleplaying. I'll make this quick, I promise.

For Action/Adventure Roleplays:

You cannot be like a god!
No one likes a person that won't get hurt or wounded.So
if their is a fighting scene you are in, you can dodge and block, but also get wounded too, just to make it fair. Also, you can't have god-like powers such as thunder and lighting and laser beams unless the roleplay calls for it.

Thou shalt not kill!
You cannot kill a character...
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Kanon: Story of My Life Empty YOU MUST READ THIS:

What is roleplaying?

To roleplay means, basically, to play a role. In a roleplay, you and another person/people make up a story based on a theme where each of you is a character(s), and you sorta become your character(s). Roleplaying is what this entire forum is mainly about. We all get to make roleplays and be a part of them. Well, there's nothing else I can say except for this: I hope you like it here, and have fun roleplaying!
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school is just around the corner & i am not ready at all.
i still need to go shopping.
but it's cool because i like to shop for school stuff.
& then i'm not sure if i need unicorns uniforms or not because our petition reached 100 signatures so yeah

i'm excited to find out who is in my class & who's my teacher & everything
but i swear
if people i hate are in my class
i will kill everyone


ok bye guys have a nice summer ;A;
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 554

Sorry I haven`t been posting for a while. There hasn`t been any roleplays in a very, very long time.
Updates on life, I suppose? ^^

4 hours all together. Now I have to practice for the presentation. sobs.

>> I`m married. ;D
Have I ever mentioned about Omar? If not, then oh well, I`ll tell you about him later, lol. SO YEAH. He proposed to me on the phone, & yeah. We`re married. rofl.

>> Orchestra concert is almost up.
We`re performing at our school & at the high school. I`m nervous and excited at the...
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 513

okay, let me say what happened before the shocking news.
so on saturday, i was webcamming with my older brother/best friend omar until 8:40. he went to go get some food, and while he was gone, i fell asleep. he freakin' turned on his mic and screamed to wake me up, looloololololo.
OKAY ANYWAY, after he turned off the laptop, he called me and said i should turn it off too. when i did, we started talking for a little, and i let him hear me play the piano for a little bit. then, all of a sudden, he's like, "i have a confession that i want to tell you. it's hard for me...
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 435

what just happened

by Kanon - Comments: 1 - Views: 325

Made it into Pottermore.
I expected to be in Gryffindor, but meh, Ravenclaw is still awesome. [:
Oh, and I'll be posting a story I'm writing soon. c:
by Kanon - Comments: 1 - Views: 470

Taken from my blog. Used substitute words to block the bad language.
Taken from my blog. Used substitute words to block the bad language.

bro, you're not cool at all.

"no girls allowed" my buttocks. i know this is all facebook and poo, but seriously. you're just wanting to pick a fight with us. i will not put up with this. you're about to get your buttocks beaten by this old lady right here.

even if you cuss, it doesn't mean you're cool. being racist. saying that you're "beast" when you're obviously not. just because you have a so called "girlfriend". especially your "friend" who...
by Kanon - Comments: 2 - Views: 295

my parents aren't letting us go camping. just typing that sentence made me tear up. my dad said he has work tomorrow, but he was nice enough to say that we could go if my mom took us. but noooooo. she's doesn't want to get off of her lazy buttox. my sister is really pissed right now, and so am i.

by Kanon - Comments: 3 - Views: 320

School started about 4 weeks ago. We're unactive. ]:
Anyway, I'm in the poly group~ Poly is like a dance group for polynesian, tahition, hula, and so on. Woot. Mondays and Fridays, 2:00 - 3:30.
I'm a second year violinist. : D

i'm on book 4, almost on book 5. :3
by Kanon - Comments: 3 - Views: 341

School started today. Saw a whole bunch of familiar faces. Mr. M. and Mrs. R are my teachers. [: [[ not saying their last names, lol. ]]
Mr. M is my math and science teacher for the first period. Mrs. R is my language arts and history teacher. I think we go back to Mr. M on third period, I forgot, cause we didn't do that today, lol. I feel like such a big kid when I walk onto the ramp into my class room. LOL.
[[ My classroom is in a portable, so yeah. [x ]]
Luckily all 4th [[ I think, I don't remember lol ]], 5th, and 6th graders have lunch at the same time, so I'm able to see Cicely...
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 304

Just kidding, lol.

I watched Green Lantern today. Best movie I've watched so far. ialwaysthinkthegreenlanternishotwheniseehisfaceinthemovielolol It wasn't the cartoon one, by the way, haha.

Yup. Some parts were scary. I love the oath the green lanterns have to give. :3 It's in my signature.

I guess I'm done; I don't want to tell what happened in the movie. Haha.
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 336

Looks like there's a rainstorm today. It was raining super hard this morning. Stupid rain woke me up from my sleep. ><
Anywho, I just checked the weather online, and it says there's going to be a thunderstorm on Monday. Last night when I checked it, it said on Sunday too. I guess it changed to just showers. Have I ever told you that I love storms? Lol. I'm used to thunder, but lightning scares me. o-o

I especially love the storms at night because we may have a chance of a blackout. Oh how I love blackouts. But it sucks 'cause no TV! D: I remember this one time,...
by Kanon - Comments: 3 - Views: 468

Copy-Pasted from my dA Journal

Just to start the paragraph;
I cried.

I mean, I seriously cried so much. When I got to school, I started tearing up when I saw some of my friends. When we went outside after breakfast, I met up with some others, and a while after, I saw Chris, and Marie and I went over to him. After talking for a while, I just started crying out of nowhere. They were trying to comfort me, and Cicely finally made me smile when she called me a crybaby. ..and I hit her. xD

After that, we went...
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 396

I've been waiting for this day to come for months now. Do you really want to know what it is? I'LL TELL YOU ANYWAY.

IT'S FINALLY CAMBODIAN [khmer] NEW YEARRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm super duper happy, 'cause when we go to the temple, I always have fun. A whole bunch of relatives go, shops are open, restauraunts, etc. I'm excited. We're not going to the temple today or tomorrow, since it's like, a little [JUST A LITTLE] cold. Friday is the warmest day, so we're going on Friday and the weekend. [:

My cousins and I are going to buy some swords and fight each other. Heck yesss.
by Kanon - Comments: 4 - Views: 397

I totally cried so much at school today. I'm not mad at Darwen anymore..

OKAY ANYWAYS, before P.E. had started, I was still mad at Darwen. And at lunch, I became a bit dramatic/emotional. Everytime I saw Darwen or his face, I started tearing up, and bursted out crying. When he said hi to me in class when I went to throw something away, I just threw it in the trash FIERCELY, and walked away.

Okay, so, after lunch, I became very emotional, and continued to cry everytime I saw Darwen. I don’t even know why I cried when I saw him. When Miah and Marie asked what happened, I told...
by Kanon - Comments: 1 - Views: 362

My best friend Marie Y. is moving tomorrow!!!! D: I'm so freaking sad, and very emotional. Today after school, me and Destiny went to say bye to her before she left. We ran to her, and said bye. Right after I gave her a hug and said bye, I started to tear up/cry. When I was tearing up, I screamed out loud, "EMOTIONS ACTING UP." Destiny started to cry too. On my way out, I went to chat with Darwen, Jacob, and Marie. I took a picture of Jacob's cut that Keyona gave him. Idk why, but he wanted me to take a picture of it. xD

ANYWAYSSS, after that, Darwen said to me, "Hug?" So, I gave Jacob...
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 351

Mmkay, first of all, my best friend Cicely was out all week because of her sickness. She texted me that she's coming back today for sure. She was supposed to come yesterday, but she was still sick.

Second of all, my friends and I are entering the talent show that is coming up in May. We're doing a dance thing, to a song called "He Rocks" by my friend Miah's cousin, Tony Dorsey. We spend our whole time at our recesses rehearsing for the talent show. When we were practicing in the grass at lunch recess last week, we suddenly heard screaming from the dodgeball court. We looked back, and...
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 359

Happy New Year everyone!
I've been gone for the whole weekend because I was spending the weekend with my cousins.
I would've posted about it earlier, but I didn't know that I was staying.
My mom said they left me and my 2 cousins because they didn't want us to wake up. xD
On New Years, we were all at my grandma and grandpa's house.
At 11:59, we all gathered in the living room, and did the count down.
Me and my cousins were yelling the numbers outside in deep voices. XD
Then we all started screaming at 0.
AND THEN, around 1-2, we all had...
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 380

I forgot to post this earlier...
Tuesday was our concert. (:
I was in the front row. :3
It was fun, too.
We played;
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Hot Cross Buns
and Twinkle Variation [california sunshine]

Only 3 songs ;-;
It was fun though. C;
We were supposed to play Jingle Bells, but we didn't practice very much.
Yah. xD
It was Omar's birthday today.
I got to hit him 11 times. :3
It went;
hit hit hit hit hit slap slap slap slap
And then the last two;
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 417

Mmkay, so, we were at lunch recess, and all of a sudden, a whole bunch of people started running towards the other side of the play yard. Me and my friends ran over too, and we saw a man staring at us playing NAKED eating cereal and shaving his leg. It was so weird. The yard duty Miss Pam was going undercover. She hid in the bushes and behind the trees to take a picture of him to report to the police. Apparently, it was his second time looking out the window. Some people said that another man came in the room, and he put his arm around him. Others said that...
by Kanon - Comments: 6 - Views: 435

Thanksgiving is today~
My feet are going to be sore tomorrow, and my sisters and cousins too, because we played Just Dance/Just Dance 2 nonstop.
We played it from like when we bought it [today at like 10-2] to 7pm.
My feet hurt right now.
It was so fun.
I want to play Just Dance again.
The African dance, the robot dance, and the When I Grow Up dance were my favorites. I have plenty more too. C:
by Kanon - Comments: 0 - Views: 399

Recently, I've heard about what happened in Cambodia. [I'm Cambodian. =3]
Over 300 people were killed and injured at the Water Festival.
Some were pushed off of the bridge, crushed underfoot, and stuff.
It was so sad. ;-;
It's like my whole life over there.

by Kanon - Comments: 3 - Views: 444
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