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 Entry #5 - NEW YEARSSSSS!

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PostEntry #5 - NEW YEARSSSSS!

Happy New Year everyone!
I've been gone for the whole weekend because I was spending the weekend with my cousins.
I would've posted about it earlier, but I didn't know that I was staying.
My mom said they left me and my 2 cousins because they didn't want us to wake up. xD
On New Years, we were all at my grandma and grandpa's house.
At 11:59, we all gathered in the living room, and did the count down.
Me and my cousins were yelling the numbers outside in deep voices. XD
Then we all started screaming at 0.
AND THEN, around 1-2, we all had to go to sleep.
We tried to figure things out on where to sleep and stuff.
The girls [me and my 2 cousins angela and mikayla] ended up sleeping in my uncle's room, and the guys slept downstairs.
Me, Mikayla, and Angela were bothering my uncle until 3 in the morning.
We were doing his hair because he didn't care, and we made it into 2 pigtails. xD
[His hair is kinda long. xD]
When we took it out, his hair was all sticking out.
And when he went to go take off his strips on his teeth, me and mikayla were hiding under his blanket.
Then, when he came back, he yelled at us. xD
AND THEN AND THEN, he went to go get some food when we all went to get water, and we ran back up really fast.
I hid under his blankets again.
And the drill again.
He gave us his leftover food. xD
Finally, sometime at 3:30, we went to sleep.
We gave a big night hug to Brandon [uncle], and when it was Mikayla's turn, he breathed in her face.
When it was my turn, he picked his nose and wiped it on me.
I screamed, and ran to the bathroom.
I wiped my whole arm with soap, and washed it off.
Then we went to sleep.
I woke up 4 hours later, and we were still there.
Angela woke up too, and we went to check if everyone was gone 'cause you know, we sometimes party until 5 am. xD
Everyone was gone, then I went back to sleep 'til 10. C:
We had another party.
The same people came;
Panya, Aaron, my brother, of course Mikayla and Angela, Tajah, Drew, and Ethan.
Me, Drew, Tajah, and Mikayla were the prisoners, and Angela, Panya, and Ethan were the cops.
Before we went to jail, I was beating Drew up.
Then yeah. xD
It was between Drew and my uncle Kenny, and me and Tajah.
We had nerf guns and stuffs, it was so fun.
After that, we played the shooting game inside uncle Kenny's room.
Tajah turned off the lights, and we scattered around the room until she counted to 10.
Then we started to shoot each other in the dark.
I was gonna turn on my light on my gun, but then, Uncle Kenny said he would follow the light and shoot me, so I turned it off. xD
The next round, we played in the light.
We scattered around the room, and when Tajah counted to 10, she turned on the light, and we started shooting each other.
I shot Drew in the forehead. xD
Then, we all went downstairs, and played this one target game.
We all had guns, and Uncle Kenny was the target. >D
It was so fun.
Then we played jail.
Then, we were about to play Hide and Seek Freeze Tag in the dark, but we had to sleep.
All of the kids were all crowded on all sofas, and had to share blankets.
I was sleeping on a red bed with Tajah.
Angela, Mikayla, and Drew were sleeping on the long bed.
Panya was by himself on another couch.
OH, and before we went to sleep, we played this one thing.
If you know Ryan Higa, then you might have heard this. xD
OKAY, we played Agents of Secret Stuff.
List of characters;
Ryan - Drew
Taylor - Me
Melvin - Mikayla
Teacher - Tajah
Perv. - Mikayla
Recorders - Panya & Angela
Friend 1 - Ellen [cousin]
[We used the guns to pretend to record. xD]
On the funny parts, we couldn't stop laughing, and we got yelled at by Tajah. xD
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