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 Last Day of School, Plus Video - May 28, 2011

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PostLast Day of School, Plus Video - May 28, 2011

Copy-Pasted from my dA Journal

Just to start the paragraph;
I cried.

I mean, I seriously cried so much. When I got to school, I started tearing up when I saw some of my friends. When we went outside after breakfast, I met up with some others, and a while after, I saw Chris, and Marie and I went over to him. After talking for a while, I just started crying out of nowhere. They were trying to comfort me, and Cicely finally made me smile when she called me a crybaby. ..and I hit her. xD

After that, we went into class, watched Up, and played some board games. I sat in between Torrence and Darwen cause I was trying to fix Darwen's vest. Total failure. Lol. When I finally gave up, I just sat there, watching Up. Darwen made a signing book thing and I used half of the page. First one to sign it. Haha. For a while, we just sat there and watched the movie. Then Rocky, Cicely, and I played a board game. After that, we went to recess, then lunch, took a lot of pictures, blah blah blah. Then, lunch recess came. We took even more pictures with Jasmin, Andrew, Rocky, Torrence, Marcus, and Marie. I was trying to get Andrew to take a picture with me, but I couldn't run cause I had heels. I had to wear a skirt.

Anywho, after recess, we went back to class, played a little more, then went outside to play. Torrence, Marcus, Marie, Rocky, Jacob, Darwen, Cicely, and I took a whole bunch of pictures before we left. Right when the bell rang, and it was time to go, I gave a hug to everyone, including Mrs. Howery, and went with Cicely to Mrs. Heaslet's room. Omar was there, and then I was about to cry, so I told Omar to hold my papers, my cookie, and my glasses, and started to cry a lot. I mean, A LOT. Omar was trying to comfort me, and say it's okay, and when Chris and Daniel came, they both tried to comfort me too, and Chris was like, "It's okay Pharanya, don't cry, we'll see each other in 2 months." When I was still crying, Savannah and stuff came out and thought I was fake crying, but when they found out I was really crying, they started hugging me, and there was like a crowd surrounding me. After that, Carolyn came, and I saw her crying, so I continued to cry. When I was about to leave, I gave Chris, Omar, and Daniel a huge hug, and left. When I went to the front of the school, I saw Marie waiting with Phannara, and she was crying too. I started to cry even more, and I gave her a big hug, and I heard someone say 'watching these girls crying breaks my heart.' After that, we all left, and walked to the front of the school. Joe and Kenneth were there, so when I was about to leave, I gave a hug to Joe. He was trying to make Kenneth give me a hug, and I said in a bad mood, "If he doesn't want to give me a hug, then he doesn't have to." Then I got in the car and left.

Ughh, it was a long day. I miss my friends/family. ; ^ ;

And about the video.

I made a video, contaning a whole bunch of pictures we took on the last few days of school.
In the pictures, I'm the one with the bag and glasses. Some of them I'm in a skirt. :p


If you want to know what the song is, it's called Summer by Joe Hisaishi.
It's a different version, though.
Everytime I watch the begininng, I always feel like crying. ; ^ ;
So, um, yeah.. That's all. xD
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Last Day of School, Plus Video - May 28, 2011 :: Comments

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Last Day of School, Plus Video - May 28, 2011

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