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 March 8, 2011 - School Stuff.

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PostMarch 8, 2011 - School Stuff.

Mmkay, first of all, my best friend Cicely was out all week because of her sickness. She texted me that she's coming back today for sure. She was supposed to come yesterday, but she was still sick.

Second of all, my friends and I are entering the talent show that is coming up in May. We're doing a dance thing, to a song called "He Rocks" by my friend Miah's cousin, Tony Dorsey. We spend our whole time at our recesses rehearsing for the talent show. When we were practicing in the grass at lunch recess last week, we suddenly heard screaming from the dodgeball court. We looked back, and they were cheering when they saw us dancing. We bursted out laughing.

Then, on Wednesday last week, the most horrible thing happened. It happened during lunch recess. It was super windy that day, and I was wearing my friend Nathan's sweater. THIS TIME I ASKED HIM. [If you have a dA, and has been reading my journal entries, then you know that I like him. ;D] Then, my friend Destiny comes over, and says, "I swear Pharanya [me.], Nathan likes you." Marcus and Marie Y. come over and say that he does. So, we're just waiting for Miah to finish eating, and out of nowhere, Destiny screams out REALLY loud [she's quite the yeller. xD] "NATHAN, DO YOU LIKE PHARANYA?! CAUSE SHE LIKES YOU!!" She literally screamed from faraway. I was like, "DESTINY SHUT THE HE** UP." My reaction to this; Danielle kept on asking if I liked him or not, but I didn't respond. We went to go stretch, and Marcus, Marie, and Destiny went to talk to Nathan while he was playing dodgeball. We're just stretching, and those 3 come back running, Destiny saying, "PHARANYA! I asked Nathan if he liked you, and he said he** yeah. Oh, and I said why don't you ask her out if you like her and he said he doesn't know." Then, Marcus and Marie started yelling, "PHARANYA HAS A BOYFRIENDDD!" And Miah was like, "GUYS SHUT UP AND LEAVE HER ALONE." [She has.. a high temper.. gets annoyed really easily.] Marcus said I was blushing, but I clearly wasn't because it was picture day and my sister put on make up for me. Then after recess, I went to band. When I came back, we had to meet in a circle for math. I was sitting near Destiny and behind Nathan. She probably thought that I was looking at Nathan, BUT I WASN'T BECAUSE HE WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER. She starts whispering his name, but he ignored. After my teacher was done explaining the math thing, we were going back to our seats, but Jacob and Marie E. were taking forever. Destiny went to talk to Nathan, and I said, "Nope. I don't want to hear this." Then I started to run both Jacob and Marie over with my chair. xD I went to my seat, and Destiny came over. She said that Nathan would go out with me. [DATES IN ELEMENTARY. IK. D:] I'm like, "Shut up." Marcus and Destiny even said that we look alike and we make a good couple. HAILLL NAW. WE DO NOT LOOK ALIKE. XD

Now that that's done, yesterday was pretty fun. At lunch recess, I went to play with Jacob, Marie E., Marie Y., Marcus, Anthony, and Serenity. I'm telling you this now; I call a lot of the boys best friend for fun. So, I go to say Hi to Jacob, and offer a hug, but he didn't say hi or give me a hug. So I said, "You wanna make me cry huh?!" Then I start to cover my face, and real tears were coming out. I opened my eyes, and say, "YOU'RE A MEAN BEST FRIEND. YOU'RE NOT EVEN BEST FRIEND NUMBER 5 ANYMORE." Then he said, "What does it take to become best friend 2 or 1?" I tell him that he has to say hi, give me hugs, etc. Then he starts to say hi best friend to me, but I ignored cause I was still 'mad' at him. It was funny. We went to sit down at the tables, and I told Joe to beat Jacob up for me. xD Then, I sat down, covering my face. Jacob said he'd do anything for me to become best friend 5 again. So, he did the cat daddy, jerk, spongebob, and even tried to beat up Nathan for me. But, it didn't work. He even gave me hot cheetos after school. xD Now today, I'm gonna see what he does. :3

That's all for now. I gotta get ready for schooooooooool~
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March 8, 2011 - School Stuff. :: Comments

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March 8, 2011 - School Stuff.

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