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The Forum Rules (Please Read)

Personal Information
This rule is not just for Therpz, it applies to anywhere on the internet! NEVER give out your personal information such as your full name, city, address, phone number, password, etc. You never know if some random person is collecting the information you give out to stalk you.

Multiple Accounts
You can only have one account on Therpz. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be banned forever, regardless of the reason why you made another account.

Spamming and Double Posting
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The Roleplaying Rules

I know we all hate these, but they have to be enforced to make sure everyone is happy while roleplaying. I'll make this quick, I promise.

For Action/Adventure Roleplays:

You cannot be like a god!
No one likes a person that won't get hurt or wounded.So
if their is a fighting scene you are in, you can dodge and block, but also get wounded too, just to make it fair. Also, you can't have god-like powers such as thunder and lighting and laser beams unless the roleplay calls for it.

Thou shalt not kill!
You cannot kill a character...
by awkwardlyAwesome - Comments: 0 - Views: 1198


What is roleplaying?

To roleplay means, basically, to play a role. In a roleplay, you and another person/people make up a story based on a theme where each of you is a character(s), and you sorta become your character(s). Roleplaying is what this entire forum is mainly about. We all get to make roleplays and be a part of them. Well, there's nothing else I can say except for this: I hope you like it here, and have fun roleplaying!
by 2Xemnas2 - Comments: 0 - Views: 834

you know how i was looking for my runefactory2 game?

yea... i found my wallet.

and i didnt get married to mist on my runefactory 1 game. i got married to Sharron. Mist was a pain. i hate her.

i made us all into wolves, BTW. ( i drew them)

I accidentally made ratties look like a pup....(she was supposed to be the alpha, since she is the owner of this wonderland.
by Neko_chan - Comments: 4 - Views: 850

i just thought that id bring some of my pets from chicken smoothie. (weird name for a virtu
by Neko_chan - Comments: 0 - Views: 469

wake up reeeeaaal early.
i also noticed i haven't been eating that much lately.....
i think its unhealthy.....whatever,

im addicted to MLP now. ><

i didnt choose to be. blame it on my friend who made me watch the whole series.
im also addicted...
by Neko_chan - Comments: 0 - Views: 351

sorry i haven't been on that much, addicted to a game called Rune factory. and pokemon White.

if you have:

Rune factory
Rune factory 2
White, (or black)

please give me friend code, and ill give you mine.

PS: i lost Rune factory 2, so you wont get my friend code from that, (but i will give it to you as soon as i find it.

Also, my SOL test starts...
by Neko_chan - Comments: 6 - Views: 628

happy Easter!

i found 25 of the eggs in my back yard, and my cousin got 20 eggs. each egg had 5 dollars. '3'

Easter is good.. although i think im gonna be sick from all of the chocolate i had at 5:26 in the morning. ><, maybe that wasn't such a good idea... my cousin might visit here every now and then. not everyday, she would get her own account, but.....she doesn't have a E-mail. ><

also, my mom is making ham.

i looove ham
by Neko_chan - Comments: 4 - Views: 449

ok, if you see me on the chat box, and my words are red, thats my cousin, NOT ME.


if you notice "me" acting strange, like Makkine pointed out of the " i made 2 new characters" things, thats my cousin.

my cousin thinks its hilarious to trick you people into thinking im an art thief, and character thief. i would never steal characters, oh and if you think that just because i actually make a new character with your characters name, its just a coincidence.
i have a lot of characters, and they have a lot of names.

by Neko_chan - Comments: 2 - Views: 349

im back from my little spring break~

it was fun, i went to the beach everyday. i got sun burned. ><. i got sand in my hair.... but it was all worth it. its a four hour drive to Ocracoke, including the ferry you have to go on. it is a island anyway.

by Neko_chan - Comments: 2 - Views: 348

ok~ so for me, my spring break starts tomorrow. gonna be going until Tuesday or Wednesday. Living right in the morning tomorrow. I hope you miss me~!

well today wasn't all that interesting at school... still got English in the morning, and Science in the afternoon. didnt eat lunch.. i hate my schools lunch anyway. well, i guess it was funny when this dude in my class fell out of his seat in science. during P.E, i saw this really cool guy on the soccer field, now he is mah buddeh. and for any of you that says "awwww neko got a boyfriend!"...
by Neko_chan - Comments: 3 - Views: 379
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