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 11/4/11 - Sick..1st performance of the year..and NEW SKILL =D

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Post11/4/11 - Sick..1st performance of the year..and NEW SKILL =D

Heya you guys. So I've been sick for the past....3 days now I believe? And it's been pretty crappy. I'm sure I'll be better in a few more days though. =)

On the 1st my school's Praise Band played for the first time this year, and it was freakin awesome! However, for that time I was pickless..and had a blister on my index finger. Ouch. It was painful to play for quite a bit of time.. ^^"

Onto the last subject. I tend to catch on to many hobbies when I see them. So now...I actually know how to dance. o.o Yeah doesn't sound that impressive..but I've got a bit of jerking and shuffling down, so it's epic. I've kinda broken off of my fingerboarding addiction, but every now and then busting out a couple of kickflips is fun. =) Which reminds me....I need to paint my nails. ><" Yes that was able to remind me of doing such a girly thing because I paint some of my stock trucks when I get bored. Snake is a very fun classic game at the moment, but Runescape pwnz all n00bs. It's been about a year now that I've been textplaying (ReiAra and ReyDii are the cutest pairs ever made x3). I love to make pen beats. Beatboxing is addicting.Okay I'm done rambling.... Today I've picked up a new hobby, and that's pen spinning! Don't know what it is? Look it up. You've probably seen a classmate do it before so..yeah.

I've been listening to a bunch of different music lately, and thanks to the movie August Rush, I have been experimenting with using slapping techniques with the guitar. On a different note, (Haha, get it? Music? Note?) BOTDF has poisoned my a good way. Hot Chelle Rae = Yes. Their song "Bleed" is a nice acoustic piece, which kinda retells a few of my emotions.. ^^" "I Like It Like That" and "Tonight Tonight" could totally be mashed up to make a blend of awesome HCR goodness. Recently Nia sent me a Hocico song..and now I like dark electro music. Oh well, it broadens my music tastes.. =)

Alright, I think I've done enough rambling for tonight. Thanks for surviving this entire post. :3


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11/4/11 - Sick..1st performance of the year..and NEW SKILL =D :: Comments

Re: 11/4/11 - Sick..1st performance of the year..and NEW SKILL =D
Post on Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:07 am by Neko_chan
awesomeness. my days aren't very interesting. But Ive gotten used to where i am in life, what im addicted to. *cough* Minecraft *cough* . your life is interesting...
i hate you now. my life is boring. same routine.

MY MOM DOESN'T KNOW WHAT NYAN CAT IS. when i showed her, (using your siggy...) she said, "umm, its a poptart cat with rainbows shooting out of it. nice."

its not a poptart cat... its nyan cat!
botdf o.o

My life is boring as well.
i'm sick too. ; A ;

and awesome stuffs. c:
so that's what you guys do when you text so much... ;D

i wish i had time for hobbies... and was allowed to do more stuff... blah... ><"

11/4/11 - Sick..1st performance of the year..and NEW SKILL =D

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