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 8/14/11 - Oh so excited!

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Post8/14/11 - Oh so excited!

Hey you guys! I'm sorry that I've been practically gone for the past month or so. Where was I, you ask? I was almost completely AFK (Away From the Keyboard) in northern California! I had a lot of fun there, and quite an interesting time. In a later post I will tell you about my whereabouts. For now though, onto my thoughts on today! Well, yesterday.

I stayed up pretty late last night talking to a good friend, whom I later fell asleep on around 4 AM. After that I woke up around 11 due to a wake up call from my sister and cousin, which I found not so pleasant... I ate lunch at a restaurant that specializes in chicken with some of my mom's side of the family. I had fried chicken with steamed rice and egg rolls. I'm surprised that I actually made it through my meal without 1: tomato ketchup, 2: finishing my rice, and 3: finishing my water before my food. There was even a little dessert at the end! Definitely delish. =3

After that we went over to the mall where the adults insisted on getting another dessert, which was really good! =D We happened to find a Gamestop there, and my little cousin being a bit of a gamer, we had to go in. At first, I was just looking around for the PS2 and Gamecube games (since those are the only consoles I mainly use anyway...) but of course that gets boring.. So I went ahead and looked at the PS3 section - nothing of interest there. Then I realized that I did not have that many games on DS, so I checked there. And then there it was...on the very top shelf....the case of the DS game Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth Investigations. After finding that a few friends were fangirls of the series, and because of curiousity about the game, I bought it (BY MYSELF! x3)! The wait to pay was so long though. The guys in front of me were so slow.... and other people were waiting behind me. ^^" When I finally got to the cashier, BLAGHH, that dude sucked at his job! I also decided to sign up for the Power Up Rewards system. Apparently a phone number was needed in order to register..? Well you know what? The guy was too caught up in getting us out of there that he didn't say a thing about it. So right now I'm stuck on registration. And if you were wondering, yes, I did take the survey for how they did.

Then we went over to my other relative's place, where karaoke was set and food filled the table. To my surprise, they happened to have a 1 month old puppy! And where did my confidence go? Down into the drain of fear. Yes, I know, one month old? That's NOTHING to be afraid of! Well, fear not! By the end of our visit there, I pet, fed, and played with her! Well, on a bed, since she couldn't get to the top of the bed..but it's a start, right? And it was actually pretty fun! Although the only reason why I fed and played with her was because my cousin stranded me in there with the adorable pup. And that, I tell ya, is one of the main highlights of my summer. Now for next summer, to move onto older and louder dogs.....orz

Speaking of summer being almost over (Sorry to bring it up, but it's true!) I am so pumped up for school to start! Why? I don't know why, actually... I just really am for some reason! >w< And tomorrow I'm going over there for things regarding welcoming the incoming freshmen. =3 Gonna be fun for sure! I have a feeling that Sophomore Year is going to be EPICLY AWESOME! However, this means that I will probably be hitting the books more than I will be hitting the internet this school year, so I apologize in advance when I turn quite inactive.

Well, I'm off to bed. Need to rest my voice so I can sing and spaz tomorrow. =3 Talk to you later! See ya~


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8/14/11 - Oh so excited! :: Comments

Re: 8/14/11 - Oh so excited!
Post on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:46 am by xReiReix
INVESTIGATIONS FTW!!!! I think that one is the hardest though(towards the end). Next summer you will pet my dogs! Hopefully XDD
Re: 8/14/11 - Oh so excited!
Post on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:18 pm by Ghost-Kun
Oh yeah, you started school already! lol Have fun! Good luck!
Re: 8/14/11 - Oh so excited!
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8/14/11 - Oh so excited!

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