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 Sadness is Usual

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PostSadness is Usual

Alright so today was so freakin hot, I was like burning and usually I don't get that hot. So it was weird, luckily the Y has air conditioning so I went there. Anyways as soon as I got there, I went to get a drink of water and went into the silent room. That room has like headphones and equipment which you plug your instruments in so that you can play. The only way to hear the noise is through the headphones, so we speak through microphones. Anyways as soon as I got there the station for the Ipod wasn't working so I tried to fix it by adjusting the things on the top, I've seen Jon do it like 1000 times. But as soon as he got in he told me that I wedged the thing into that station and its broken ._. . He didn't freak about it too much because someone had previously messed it up which is why it wasn't working in the first place. But that station won't be working until they open it up and take out the piece, I felt so horrible, cause I really don't do anything wrong :/ . Anyways so after that we went to the computers and I showed my friends the WORST song in the face of the universe, that my friend Josh showed me. Here's the link if you wanna see it . Almost everyone at the Y came and surrounded the computer, and every single one of them thought it was terrible. I hate screamo anyways but that's just awful. Look at those gauges, there HUGE AND DISGUSTING. Anyways so then I just hanged out with Jomar (former guitarist) and Bryan. I had some fun I guess. But when I came home I got some more news from Macho, first he lied and told me he was at his fathers house. I knew thats a lie because hes been saying that repeatedly all of these days hes been gone. Then he insisted we do a mash up of songs which is ridiculously stupid. Why the hell would I wanna wanna mash up a bunch of covers. I told him the whole band said no to that and he left. Then I messaged him, "if you don't come tomorrow. Your out of the band" . I don't know if he read it or not but I could not care less. Were probably not gonna find another singer, and I knew we weren't gonna go anywhere with this band either. *sighs* Bryan says we might find one in the knew high school were going to PFA (Performance Fine Arts) but I doubt it. Watch if we find one, its not gonna work out. Just like everything else that happens to me ._.

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Sadness is Usual

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