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 Inuyasha: Many Years Before

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PostSubject: Inuyasha: Many Years Before   Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:39 am

Not EXACTLY an Inuyasha RPG... It happens years before Inuyasha's father and Naraku were even born, but still in Feudal Japan. You can be a yokai (demon, for you English-only fans) or a human. If you ARE a human, you can basically be whatever you want. Miko (priestess), monk, demon slayer, famous samurai, whatever. If you are a demon, you can choose an existing 'type,' (dog, fox, fusion demon, wolf, spider, etc.)


NAME: Takkun of the Blade

RACE: Yokai

TYPE: Eight-Armed Mantis (Two forms: Humanoid and Yokai. In Humanoid form, he wears a light armor made of carapace. Eight of his swords are slung on his back but his Mantis Blade is on his side, samurai-style. He can make three more pairs of arms sprout from his back so he can wield eight sword at once. In Yokai form, he transforms into the eight-armed mantis. Each of his 'normal' swords become a mantis claw on the end of his arm, and his Mantis Blade becomes his mandibles. He is six feet tall in Humanoid form and seven feet tall in Yokai form. In Humanoid form he has moss-green hair and eyes.

WEAPONS: Eight swords that he has won/looted from famous and powerful warriors. Each has a special power or property. Plus, he has his 'Mantis Blade,' a sword made from the mantis claw of his father. It is indestructible and can break through barriers easily, but cannot hurt humans or yokai in Humanoid form. Because of this, he generally uses his other swords.

1. Mantis Reave: Uses the Mantis Blade or his mantis claws to slice a green supersonic path through the air.
2. Ki Thief: If he can maintain contact with two of his swords and an enemy or the enemy's weapon, be can continually drain their energy from them.
3. Feral Cutter: Only works on yokai. Uses the enemy's demonic aura and whips it around them to cut them to pieces.
4. Feral Ripper: Only works on yokai. Uses the enemy's demonic aura to whip it upwards and slash down through them.
5. (((ULTIMATE ATTACK))) Vorpal Cutter: Can only use when nearly dead, because the Primal Scar replaces the Wind Scar surrounding a demon when they are almost dead, allowing them to use extremely powerful moves. Vorpal Cutter slashes a ripping, acidic crescent of power from each of the eight swords and they whip around and around the target to cut off its head.

BIO: Takkun of the Blade is the Guardian of the Northern Outpost, protecting the Great Yokai Forest from would-be demon hunters and exorcists. He also loves to wander around the country in search of adventure. He is not famous, however, as most of his enemies are now dead and those he protects do not tell people about him as a favor.
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PostSubject: Re: Inuyasha: Many Years Before   Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:27 am

NAME: Gari Hisame

RACE: Human

TYPE: Miko

Sacred Arrows

POWERS: Haja(Crushing Evil)
Taima(Demon Expulsion)

BIO: Gari Hisame is an adventurous girl, who doesn't like to sit still. She quite the resourceful girl as well. She is very smart and uses brains more than brawn to get out of any sticky situation.

Gari is the granddaughter a very powerful priestess. Her grandmother has been trying to teach her to use the powers she was born with and so far Gari hasn't been doing very well. She told her grandmother that she wanted to learn to use her powers well but at her own pace and through her own path. Her grandmother accpted this and now Gari has set out to take her own path in learning how to use her powers.
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Inuyasha: Many Years Before
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