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 Blog Entry 9

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PostBlog Entry 9

Okay, this is a little too late to be blogging, but I feel bad. It's been a long time since I've been on here. Sad Sorry! I've been meaning to get on, but these last couple of weeks have gone by so fast, but a lot of stuff has happened. For instance, my best guy friend and I have gotten a lot closer...if you know what I mean. xD I've also been so stressed over my grades. It's fourth quarter now, and we just got our third quarter report cards. I thought I failed big time in math and science, which is why I've been stressing, but I'm doing great! I made Honorable Mention! Very Happy Testing is next week, and I'm not really looking forward to that. I just want to get this year over with lol.

My violin lessons ended for the year today. We had our big concert and it was awesome! I didn't mess up at all during our two songs! I'll probably be taking summer lessons so I'll be prepared for when lessons start back up in September. Smile

Yesterday I had no school, but the seventh graders went to high schools for a Shadow Day. My whole class went to the same all-girls' school except for me because, well, I didn't want to go to that one and the school I went to is right down the street from my house. xD Since boys and girls are separated at my school, I have no idea where the guys went. I enjoyed myself, especially because it was April Fools' Day. In literature, I helped the girls prank the teacher by turning the whole classroom upside down, including the desks. Her reaction was hilarious! If we'd have done that in my school, we would've gotten in so much trouble. Surprised

That's all I have to say, guys! Sorry I haven't been on, I'll make up for it, I promise!


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Blog Entry 9 :: Comments

Re: Blog Entry 9
Post on Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:58 pm by awkwardlyAwesome
Yay! Faithy!!! You have testing near the end of the school year? Over here it's close to the beginning. xD So....who's the guy? ;D Dude you should have shadowed! It's so much fun!!!! x3 I mean I didn't go to the same one your classmates went to know what I mean! Ooh! That sounds like an epic prank!!
Re: Blog Entry 9
Post on Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:30 am by Faithyy~
Yeah, we'll be testing during the morning periods (I think) all next week. The guy's been my best friend since first grade. Smile I did shadow, I just didn't go to the same school as all of the other girls in my class! For some reason, they all went to the same school lol. The prank was epic! Best one ever!
Re: Blog Entry 9
Post on Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:57 am by awkwardlyAwesome
That's cool! Ah, I see. It's great that you're still friends with him up to now! So you DID shadow. Okay I must've read it wrong then. xD I'm sure it was the best prank ever! You missed the one where I pretended that I died yesterday though! D= lol
Re: Blog Entry 9
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Blog Entry 9

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