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 Pokemon Roleplay App.

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PostSubject: Pokemon Roleplay App.   Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:17 pm

[Sidenote~Eek, haven't been on in forever, not since the forum first started! But I'm back now~]

Tis the time for pokemon role playing~
You know you want to.
Just fill out this application and post it here~

Name: What's your character's name?
Boy/Girl: Are you a boy or agirl?
Party Pokemon: What pokemon do you have in your party?
~Slot one: (Pokemon, Nickname)
~Slot two: (Pokemon, Nickname)
~Slot three: (Pokemon, Nickname)
~Slot four: (Pokemon, Nickname)
~Slot five: (Pokemon, Nickname)
~Slot six: (Pokemon, Nickname)
Avatar: Make it HERE.
[Sidenote~It's a lot easier to base your character off one of your pokemon games, which I'm doing, I'm basing it off my Diamond game~]
So mine filled out would be:
Name: Taranee
Boy/Girl: Girl
Party Pokemon:
~Slot one: Empoleon, nicknamed Pippy
~Slot two: Staraptor, nicknamed Star
~Slot three: Graveler, nicknamed Gallie
~Slot four: Dialga, nicknamed Diamond
~Slot five: Beautifly, nicknamed Beauty
~Slot six: Combusken, nicknamed Blazer

(\*It's not transparent because I wanted to edit it*/)

....So, go ahead and join the Pokemon fun~

Current Characters




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♌ arsenicCatnip

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplay App.   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:52 am

characters name:rikku
pokemon in party
~piplup nickname:pippy
~dialga nickname:diamond
~pikachu nackname:cheeky
~ lugia nackname aqua
~charmander nickname:charmer
~charzard nickname:flame

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplay App.   Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:15 pm

(One question before I make an app: Can we be characters from the anime? Also, do you think I can add and change a few things in the app? lol I'm just making this app up because I haven't played pokemon in a long time so I forgot who was who..)

Name: Roxas (xD I just had to.)
Boy/Girl: Boy
Age: 19
Description: Roxas is a guy from Oldale Town, Hoenn. He's been a Pokemon Trainer for quite a while now, and is getting ready to challenge the Elite Four in Sinnoh, for he has already beaten the rest of them. He even got to be part of the Hoenn Elite Four for a little while. Every time he goes to a new region, he starts off with five new untrained Pokemon and one Pokemon from the last region to make it a bit more challenging. He's well known throughout the Pokemon world, and, in some places such as Oldale, he is considered a hero.
~Slot one: Sea Salt the Mawile
Gender: Female
- Faint Attack
- Astonish
- Hidden Power
- Payback
~Slot two: Nobody the Absol
Gender: Male
- Perish Song
- Razor Wind
- Night Slash
- Double Team
~Slot three: Heartless the Sabeleye
Gender: Male
- Zen Headbutt
- Shadow Sneak
- Shadow Ball
- Poison Jab
~Slot four: Axel the Blaziken
Gender: Male
- Sky Uppercut
- Blaze Kick
- Fire Punch
- Aerial Ace
~Slot five: Namine the Togetic
Gender: Female
- Ancient Power
- Magical Leaf
- Fly
- Last Resort
~Slot six: Sora the Altaria
Gender: Male
- Draco Meteor
- Aerial Ace
- Ominous Wind
- Sky Attack

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplay App.   Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:23 pm

charaters name:Tina

Description:She's a goth that started her adventure with gastly and collects the scary pokemon

Slot one: Gastly Nickname:poison gas
Slot two: Crobat Nickname:batty
Slot three: Spiritomb Nickname:tombstone
Slot four: Dustox Nickname:mothtomb
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplay App.   Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:49 pm

Name: Kryin
Boy/Girl: Boy
Party Pokemon:
~Slot one: Goldeen (I don't know if it's free, but if it isn't, I'll get Bulbasaur or Tentacruel; just notify me)
Description: Kryin is cold and of few words, he only says what he have to. He shows rare smiles.

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Shadow Kitten
The Silver Detective

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplay App.   Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:55 pm

Is this outdated?
Ah well...

Name: Yumeliva (Yummy for short) Sirimen
Boy/Girl: Girl
Party Pokemon: What pokemon do you have in your party?
~Slot one:
Thyplosion, Ninja.
Like a Star @ heaven Cut
Like a Star @ heaven Eruption
Like a Star @ heaven Flame Thrower
Like a Star @ heaven Fire Blast
~Slot two:
Espeon, StarGazer.
Note: Shiny Pokemon
Like a Star @ heaven Physic
Like a Star @ heaven Morning Sun
Like a Star @ heaven Dig
Like a Star @ heaven Grass Knot
Too Lazy to come up with rest of the moves. ;-;
~Slot three:
Umbreon, Fedanto
~Slot four:
Mightena, Sakura
~Slot five:
Misdrevous, Disaster
Female. (Flies with her, by grabbing her by the tentacles, and floating around in her.)
~Slot six:
Luxio, Mystery

Description: Yummy was one of fame when she was young. Very determined and certainly the hero type. She defeated the elite 4 about 4 times, and was considered for a stop in one many many times.
She was rather pompous, had never been defeated, and enjoyed to show off about it. But she is now not the naive 10 year old. She is now a 37 year old, and has gone through alot. At age 20, she fought against a war of 10000 people, all fightning for their nation. She fought for Johto proudly, and defeated many players. Along the way, one of her eyes was burned by a Infernape. She was treated idmideately. This is where she got her eyepatch. Along the way, she also lost her most prized pokemon Ninja, just to find him again in 2 years. But she did lose a very loved Pokemon of hers. A Lugia called Peace, which died in battle.
She usually wears a long coat. Is very sad whenever she sees a Lugia.
Yummy is usually riding her Mightena. Her legs are weak, and can barely walk.
However, her battling skills are probably one of the msot amazing you will ever see, and indeed deserves to be in the elite four.
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Known by Name

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplay App.   Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:44 pm

Name: Katana Sansuke
Boy/Girl: Girl
Party Pokemon:
~Slot one: Eevee, Eevee (FTW >Very Happy)
~Slot two: Raichu, Rai
~Slot three: Ninetails, Gure Su
~Slot four: Mightyena, Kroyokuna
~Slot five: Shinx, Sho
~Slot six: Lucario, Hagane

(Sorry I couldn't find any better pictures of her >:d )
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Roleplay App.   

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Pokemon Roleplay App.
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