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 Feel free to watch any videys i made :3

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PostFeel free to watch any videys i made :3

KrystaSora here!
Amazing that i have gotten so far and better. But the better ones are at the bottom. Watch them all if you have time! Very Happy

[It has an Intro, skip to 1:01 if you dont wanna watch it]
Song:Falling Snow
By: Anthony Jones
This one was dedicated to him but I might redo it. It has a story im just too lazy to type it -.-

[It has an Intro, skip to 1:01 if you dont wanna watch it]
Song: Teardrops On My Guitar
By: Taylor Swift
I HATE THIS ONE! IT WAS A COMPLETE FAIL TO START WITH! thats all i have to say about this...

[AGAIN, It has an Intro, skip to 1:01 if you dont wanna watch it]
Song: Never Go Back
By: Evanescence
Drags....not really anything to say....

[AGAIN, It has an Intro, skip to 1:01 if you dont wanna watch it]
Song: Erase This
By: Evanescence
I typically like this one XDDD It has no point but its just awesome XP Thats my opinion. You could care less idc XP

Song: Meteor Shower
By: Owl City
I like this one cause me and my sister made this Very Happy So its sistah power! X3333

Song: Say Ok
By: Vanessa Hudgens
I know! HER??!!! Right? Well, I like this song so IDC! I always cry every time I see this cuz I LOVE this one X3

Song: Bang Bang
By: 3OH!3
This one was fun! It is a anime mix X3 Lots of anime is in it :3 I love this one :3

Song: Shattered
By: Trading Yesterday
OMG! If you haven't watched Mirai Nikki then I suggest you watch it Very Happy
If you love horror, blood and craziness then WATCH IT! :DDDDDDD
I loved how this one turned out to be :3

Song: Safe In My Arms
By: Plumb
This one...was dedicated to someone special but i dont think it matters anymore. Its just a preview anyway.

Song: Love Crime
By: My Darkest Days
This one just was slammed together i might get rid of it sooner or later.

Song: You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance
By: A Day to Remember
This one i like alot. :3 Just watch and you'll understand Very Happy

Song: E.T. (Smash Remix)
By: Katy Perry
This one is another anime mix XD It was fun to make alot! I enjoyed it Very Happy

Song: Don't Fall Asleep At The Helm
By: Sleeping With Sirens
This one is hard to explain but it turned out great Very Happy

Well THAT IT! Well for now until i make more Very Happy
But If you have any questions, concerns or comments you can always do so below Very Happy
Anyways, Enjoy your day!
~KSora <3
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Feel free to watch any videys i made :3 :: Comments

Re: Feel free to watch any videys i made :3
Post on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:51 pm by awkwardlyAwesome
Your videos are just pure awesomeness dude! The "Teardrops on My Guitar" one has the potential to be something awesome! You should totally finish it ;D
Re: Feel free to watch any videys i made :3
Post on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:05 pm by KrystaSora
Awwww, i'll think about it Very Happy
though I still think its a fail .-.

Feel free to watch any videys i made :3

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