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 ||=:::\\Rattie's Icon Shop//:::=||

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PostSubject: ||=:::\Rattie's Icon Shop//:::=||   Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:44 pm

What's up you guys? Doing something a little different today. If you were here years ago, you might remember that I had an icon shop. Now I've got another one! This time instead of a full chibi body, it's a chibi bust, kinda what you'd see in an id picture. Here's a few examples:

Interested? Go ahead and fill this form out! I'll get to you as soon as I can. =)

Eye Color:
Hair Description:
Skin Description:
Clothing Description:
Pose 1:
Pose 2:
Mood Bubble: (optional)

Here's an example using mine.

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Description: Dark Brown, Shoulderlength, Short side bangs to the left
Skin Description: Light Tan
Clothing Description: Dark Red Crewneck T-Shirt
Pose 1: Small Smile
Pose 2: Wink and Tongue
Mood Bubble: None

I'll send your icon via pm once it's done. It might take as long as one week to one hour, depending on if I am able to access my computer. Thanks for your patience! I hope you order something! Please remember to credit me when you use any of my icons!


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Scythe Meister

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PostSubject: Re: ||=:::\\Rattie's Icon Shop//:::=||   Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:52 pm

Well ... the one I'd like is basically Roxas ... so yeah xD I'll try my best to describe it though.

Eye Color: a cerulean blue color
Hair Description: dirty blonde-ish and spiky
Clothing Description: Organization XIII cloak
Pose 1: Serious ... not smiling or anything
Pose 2: Smiling with his eyes closed
Mood Bubble: um ... none I guess
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Mage of Space

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PostSubject: Re: ||=:::\\Rattie's Icon Shop//:::=||   Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:12 pm

Terezi!!!! :DDD

Eye Color: red but she wears glasses..
Hair Description: black and Tereziish
Clothing Description: Her black shirt
Pose 1: Little smile
Pose 2: Her huge grin
Mood Bubble: Her star sign :DD
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Knows the Ropes

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PostSubject: Re: ||=:::\\Rattie's Icon Shop//:::=||   Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:20 am

Basically If you can make this I will be so happy (:
Character is Mei Misaki

Eye Color: One Red eye, and an eye patch on her left eye
Hair Description:short, black,
Skin Description: uh, human skin look at picture
Clothing Description: school uniform look at picture?
Pose 1: straight faced, serious,
Pose 2: straight faced with no eye patch showing her green eye, glaring/looking ------> this way
Mood Bubble: a crooked question mark

2 Pics just incase:
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PostSubject: Re: ||=:::\\Rattie's Icon Shop//:::=||   

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||=:::\\Rattie's Icon Shop//:::=||
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