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 6/21/12 - Why hello there!

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Post6/21/12 - Why hello there!

Haha, hello! It's Rattie at almost 5 in the morning and I'm awake! How am I awake? I'm not really sure...but I wanna stay awake! Hahaha my sleep pattern's been messed up pretty badly, even before summer started. But even during finals week, I survived. ^^" If I averaged my scores from all my finals, I would say I got a total of...the equivalent of a 90%? Either way, I don't know how that was possible. Like, really, I barely studied. If I did do any studying it was 1 minute before the English final. Essays scare me. o.o I like writing them sometimes, though. Moreover, I feel like I'm better at going on tangents, like in my blog!

Now enough talk about school, let's get into more things like goals! Right now a goal for me this summer is to read both of the books assigned for AP English next year! I'm kinda nervous, but pretty stoked for that class. Actually, I'm pretty stoked for all my classes next year. Wow, and I said I was gonna get off the matter of school, but you know what? It's my blog and I get to do what I want with it! So I'll talk about school! =D I'm really curious as to how our Performing Arts department will be like this year, seeing as two of the three have left... I wonder if they're going to get some new teachers for that. Hopefully choir is going to be as awesome as it was last year (although I highly doubt that because choir was a magical thing for me last year x3).

Onto some things I'm kinda worried about for next year. You see, I'm not the best at Algebra, so going into Algebra II next year is kinda scary for me. I had Geometry this year and I just kinda, well, made it through with flying colors. How? I don't know! Oooh another thing I'm a little nervous about: Spanish. I'm going into honors for Spanish next year and it sounds really intimidating...orz. Regardless, I can't wait for school to come!

Chemistry sounds like it's going to be fun! Just from what I've seen when my freshman World History class did kinda a collab lecture with a Chem class, I WANNA SEE SOMETHING COMBUST! =3 Combustion is hilarious if controlled. I was watching a bunch of science videos a while ago and they were pretty awesome! So yeah! Periodic table, here I come! Oh wait...I forgot...I hate the periodic table! ><" Oh, and since I just mentioned World History, I kinda suck with timelines and American Studies, hopefully that's fun, and not as timeline-y. Oh yeah, and then there's Religion, my school being a private Catholic one. I hope there's not a lot of timelines in that one too.

Oh poop! I just remembered! Laptops! No need for textbooks anymore because we're gonna use laptops! =D Hopefully that goes well, and no one tries to hack into the system or anything weird like that. Man, I think I'm gonna feel so weird using a PC! I'm soooo used to Macs, and the lack of the command button might be a bit of trouble for me. But hey! Computers are computers, and all are amazing! Wow I've already been writing this for 20 or so minutes! Then again I got sidetracked from my school's website. I don't know I just can't stop thinking about school!

OKAY. Now for the topic I meant to talk about. On top of singing and a bit of songwriting, I play quite a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, bass, ukelele, ocarina, and some other things. OHEY IT'S BEEN AN HOUR! I gotta stop losing anyway, there's a new instrument I want to learn, and that is the violin! Right now I'm looking to buy a Mendini violin. If any of you are experienced violin players, could you please help me out in making a decision for what to start out with? I'm planning on just self-teaching with the help of some videos online. Thanks!

Well It's 6 in the morning and I should at least lie down in bed for a bit. I'll talk to you all, well, later! See ya! Keep on roleplaying!

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6/21/12 - Why hello there!

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