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 My Problems that keep occuring

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PostMy Problems that keep occuring

Hey Sora here. . .well the girl version ^^

I've been having some weird dreams lately, wonder if they will happen. . .and I hope not. But yeah my problem. . .Im in love with two people and stuck in between both. They both know I have to choose. . .But I can't dismantle one like they are a piece of garbage never meant to be with me what so ever. Ive been thinking of killing myself again but i had a dream If i did so. . .So that option will never occur. So you dont have to worry about that. So anywho. . .back to my problem. Im in love with this guy named Jake or Jakey but sometimes in my videos i put him as Roxas. Cuz hes an emotional kind of guy and so is Roxas. But I play as Kairi. . .I met him I think somewhere in November of 2011. Most of the times or sometimes we get into fights, because of certain problems I have. Some people, they got to know. But thats not stopping me. . . This short videy explains how I feel. I hope you can understand it to. [btw I did NOT make this!]

The Other Person I have been in love with is Lex or Alexander. . . he plays as Sora. He's like the one Im most happy with ^^ We never fight. . .I truely am happy whenever Im around him. And I feel as if he's the right one. The problem is. . .he barely chats with me at all! And by showing just one pic of himself. . .how can I trust him? I mean some of you guys might know who he is but, i dunno. . .When I chat with him and then switch back over to Jakey I become someone he doesn't know. I dont know how to describe it very well. . .but i'll do my best. . .
But its like, for me, i lose memories of people i dont care about and then have dreams about the future. Though Jakey, I've had some messed up, creepy ass dreams about him. . .such as Killing me, becoming an alcoholic person, abusing me, and even me becoming an alcoholic person if i stay with him. A videy i made, the change. . .has to do alot about the dream I had. But if you want to read the story go on youtube under the description and read it there. Otherwise you might not get it. All I can tell you is that Kairi and Xion are both the same person [which is me], Sora who is Lex and Roxas who is jakey. If you still dont get it, like i said read the story or listen to what the song is telling you.

I also feel like this is going to happen in the end too. . .And I wonder if its the right choice. . .I just need some help and opinions from people. :L

But again everytime i feel like im with lex i feel safe. Like i want to remember each moment. I feel as if i should wait. . .I feel like im doing something wrong but. Kairi always finds her way bak to sora. She will always be in his arms everytime she gets a chance to see him.

-sigh- never get tired of that videy x3
But any who, enough about that. . .I just need advice on what to do v.v
Cuz, I dont have a clue :C
If any of you spends the time to read and watch I appreciate it very much ^^
But sorry for the long Summary it just had to get out of my head Dx
I might talk about my dreams in the next blog. . .but i dunno ><
P.S. I only made The Change one. . .I forgotten to mention that ><"
ohhhh and leave your comments and questions and answers below for me, thankies :3
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My Problems that keep occuring :: Comments

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My Problems that keep occuring

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