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 3/18/12 - Insert Witty Title Here :P

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Post3/18/12 - Insert Witty Title Here :P

Hello people! Rattie here back with another blog. I don't really know what to post, but it's about 1:30 in the morning and I wanna post something. Therefore, I am.

I've started making and designing guitar picks again :3 It's really fun, and the good thing is that I'm using a cd I don't even use! It was in a Wendy's kids meal, and it has to do with the Magic Tree House series. Before I started cutting it up, I put it into the computer to see what it was. It was just what it said it was: an audiobook, and a bonus song. I saved the bonus song to my iTunes (because I'm awesome like that =P) and then started cutting the disc up. I've started making pointier picks than what I'm used to. Kinda wanna try out different sounds, ya know?

Oh, and speaking of the guitar, I'm really nervous for monday. There's a mass that my friend and I have to play the guitar for at school, and the songs are kinda hard...and neither of us have really practiced much.. Oh! And to top it off, WASC is gonna be there! What is WASC? Basically, they are a group that determines whether a school is worth graduating from or not. Delegates from the WASC are gonna be there, and I don't wanna screw up while they're around! ><" I just hope for the best...
Which reminds me....that awkward situation when you're scared of your best friend's mom. :\
So while we're on the subject of nervousness and worrying and stuff... I am pretty sure that I now suffer from anxiety. In my last post I said that just as an exaggeration, but I'm sure that it's real now. My mom was talking to me about my grades and stuff, and I remembered about this event thing that happens at my school for people who get on the honor roll for the first semester. Now I am FREAKING OUT because of that because there are some things that I do NOT want to happen on that night and I am thinking of all the possibilities and I don't want certain things to happen and BLAHHHHH. It's times like this that make me want to..I dunno, run and hide? But I wouldn't do that right now anyway... One because I'd never actually do that..maybe... and two because it is cold and raining outside right now.

Well, I've been writing this blog for about 15 minutes now, so I'm just gonna end it here. Maybe I'll post another blog later today. Bye guys, I'mma take a shower now.


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3/18/12 - Insert Witty Title Here :P :: Comments

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3/18/12 - Insert Witty Title Here :P

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