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All about Faith Empty YOU MUST READ THIS:

The Forum Rules (Please Read)

Personal Information
This rule is not just for Therpz, it applies to anywhere on the internet! NEVER give out your personal information such as your full name, city, address, phone number, password, etc. You never know if some random person is collecting the information you give out to stalk you.

Multiple Accounts
You can only have one account on Therpz. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be banned forever, regardless of the reason why you made another account.

Spamming and Double Posting
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All about Faith Empty YOU MUST READ THIS:

The Roleplaying Rules

I know we all hate these, but they have to be enforced to make sure everyone is happy while roleplaying. I'll make this quick, I promise.

For Action/Adventure Roleplays:

You cannot be like a god!
No one likes a person that won't get hurt or wounded.So
if their is a fighting scene you are in, you can dodge and block, but also get wounded too, just to make it fair. Also, you can't have god-like powers such as thunder and lighting and laser beams unless the roleplay calls for it.

Thou shalt not kill!
You cannot kill a character...
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All about Faith Empty YOU MUST READ THIS:

What is roleplaying?

To roleplay means, basically, to play a role. In a roleplay, you and another person/people make up a story based on a theme where each of you is a character(s), and you sorta become your character(s). Roleplaying is what this entire forum is mainly about. We all get to make roleplays and be a part of them. Well, there's nothing else I can say except for this: I hope you like it here, and have fun roleplaying!
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Wow, it feels like eighth grade is flying by! I couldn't post last week because I went to a Family Night at my school with my sister, and then we went to our aunt's house. Also, I've been reading a lot, so I haven't been on my computer much at all. So yeah, like I said, eighth grade is fast. Time flies when you're actually enjoying yourself at school. ^_^ My classes have been great, and we already started our public speaking class -- eighth graders have to take speech class because we're doing a poem and a big end of the year speech. I have two poems, Pity the Beautiful and Fairy-tale Logic. Yeah,...
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 1 - Views: 1182

So this was unexpected, haha. I know, I haven't posted any blogs in like, forever! I would've posted this summer, but I literally did nothing but write all summer. Well I've decided to make blogs at the end of every week, so you guys can follow me throughout the school year. That's right -- I'm an eighth grader now!! WHOO!! This is going to be the best year ever because I'm finally leaving! Haha, so this was my first week of school. It was pretty good and I think I'm gonna love my two teachers. We haven't had much work yet since it's only the first week, but I found out the other day that I'm in...
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Okay, this is a little too late to be blogging, but I feel bad. It's been a long time since I've been on here. Sad Sorry! I've been meaning to get on, but these last couple of weeks have gone by so fast, but a lot of stuff has happened. For instance, my best guy friend and I have gotten a lot closer...if you know what I mean. xD I've also been so stressed over my grades. It's fourth quarter now, and we just got our third quarter report cards. I thought I failed big time in math and science, which is why I've been stressing,...
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 3 - Views: 780

Hey! I decided to blog today before the weekend ended. This week was okay. I was out of school on Monday because I was sick, so I recieved a big welcome back from my friends. xD On Saturday I went to my violin lessons again---we were out last week. We only have two more weeks of practice, then on April 2, we have our big, end of the year orchestra recital! I'm super stoked, as I always am this time of the year. We're going to play a song called Dance of the Tumblers, then we're playing Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella. I think we're playing a March, but I'm not sure. xP Today I did nothing...
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Hey guys! Omg, I'm so sorry I haven't been on in such a long time. I didn't abandon you, I swear! I've been doing so many things these past few weeks that I hardly had time to get on. Please forgive me! xD I'm able to get on today because I'm out of school for a snow day. Well, the main reason I haven't been on here is because I've had a lot of school work to do, especially now because I was stupid enough to sign up for the new art program at school that happens to be during homework time. >.
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 8 - Views: 1093

Good morning guys, or should I say good afternoon because it's like 11:00 where I'm at? Well, it's morning for me because I just woke up, so good morning! It is Sunday and it's also the first Sunday of the New Year! So Happy New Year, even though I'm like eight days late! xD What did you guys do? I think I probably had the most boring New Year out of all of you lol. I was staying at my god brother's house at the time and when 12:00 came, we didn't even see any fireworks or anything. I was just hanging out in the living room with him watching him play his game, and all we heard was his mother, clapping...
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 1 - Views: 1025

Hi everyone! It's Friday! I haven't been on much because the internet was off, so most of the time I was only able to get on here from my phone. D: This week has been ok, I guess. On Monday, I got a terrible headache when I was in school, and medicine wouldn't help. I had to stay home on Tuesday because my head was still hurting. >.
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 0 - Views: 985

Heeey, guys! It's Saturday!! I'm sorry that I've kinda been neglecting my blog, but nothing interesting in my life happened for me to blog about. xP Well, nothing really happened this week, but I'll talk about something. First off, I'd like to thank you guys for all the love on my short story! You people have no idea how nervous I was when I posted it because no one else read before you. You guys were the first ones! So, yeah, I really appreciate you guys for reading it and commenting. Even if you read it and didn't comment, I still appreciate it!
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 0 - Views: 918

Hiya guys! It is Sunday and I'm going to tell you about my week! Well, this week went by pretty slow and uninteresting. I was just glad when it was finally Friday, y'know? Monday through Thursday, nothing happened worth telling you guys about. Well, I think I passed my book report if that helps. My teacher actually liked my drawing of Nico di Angelo, a son of Hades from the Percy Jackson book I used for my report, which was a big surprise. Surprised On Friday we had a subsitute. We were soooo happy!! Classes are...
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 0 - Views: 799

Hey, peeps! It's Friday! Yay! So, this week was pretty cool. On Monday we went on our trip, which was great! There were ten people total in my group, five from my school, and five from our partner school. They were some pretty cool kids. Smile I talked to two of my friends when it was over and the three of us agreed that there weren't that many cute boys. Lol, I know it's a trip and that really shouldn't matter, but it's exciting being around guys who are actually taller than you! xD Well anyway, back to the trip. xD...
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 1 - Views: 576

Hi, hi, guys! Happy Saturday! You people have no idea how happy I am about it being the weekend. This week has gone by so LONG. I guess part of the reason was because I was sick. Dx I'm feeling better now. My mom made me take some cough syrup (bleh!) this morning. I hate liquid medicine, don't you? So, yeah, nothing much has happened this week. Mentoring was fun on Friday. Yesterday, we made a poem out of different words from magazines. Lol, Tamarah and I didn't get very far with that. We were still pasting words onto our papers when it was time for everybody to go around and share their poem....
by Faithyy~ - Comments: 2 - Views: 524
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